Finish Disclaimer

Finish Disclaimer Customer satisfaction is Timberland's primary goal.  To that end, we emphasize the need for our customers to completely understand the possible variances that will be experienced with our stains, paints, glazes, and custom finishes. 

Glazed or Distressed Finishes

Timberland's distressed finishes are crafted to mimic the wear and aging of actual furniture antiques by highlighting the effects of random wear and use.  In the process of distressing and glazing a conscious effort is made to maintain a uniform appearance. However, it is important to understand that no single piece can be perfectly duplicated; there will be slight variances from one piece to another.

In regard to glazed finishes, the more detailed the item the more residues from glazing will be evident. Hand rubbing this product achieves the overall aging effect. The overall look of your completed cabinetry may vary slightly from that of a single door sample, or even another set of cabinetry. The result is a handcrafted, one of a kind appearance.

Light Finish and Wood Variance

General and basic characteristics within a wood species are constant; however  there are many variables in growth and appearance resulting from the local soil and climate conditions that occur naturally.  Hence the wider the growth range, the greater the variance in many of the natural characteristics of harvested timber.

As a result, these natural variations can appear throughout your cabinetry, even within the same panel.  Mineral streaks can appear as streaks of black, green,  red, or white.  Grain patterns can vary from a straight grain to an irregular or "curly" grain.  These variations are very attractive and considered a desired  effect.  It is important to understand the wood used to create your completed cabinetry may project a different appearance from that of a smaller sample or even a different set of cabinets.

Painted Finish

The Timberland Cabinetry factories, unlike most homes, are maintained with a humidification system to control the raw timber's moisture content. Thereby, a situation exists whereby the cabinetry in your home can dry out or pick up moisture.  In either event, the expansion or shrinkage of the joints can cause the painted finish to show hairline fractures at the joints in your cabinetry.  This condition may or may not correct itself with the change of seasons  or with the changes in humidity levels within your home.  This condition is not in any way considered defective workmanship  or material. It will not affect the stability of your cabinetry, doors, or finish in general.

These specific conditions are being explained in careful detail so it is clearly understood that Timberland Cabinetry cannot be held responsible for any of the above mentioned natural variances which may occur in your cabinetry.  These variances are considered a desired effect and therefore are not covered under the Timberland Cabinetry Warranty. Should the customer decide that any cabinetry parts need to be replaced  because of a finish that they deem to be inconsistent, it will be at their expense.

Terms of Sale & Credit Procedures

By signing, customer agrees that he/she is authorized to sign on behalf of the person  or company listed in the Bill To section of the sales order.  The customer agrees to and understands all terms of this receipt.  Customer agrees that all sales are final and that no refunds, exchanges, or credits will be issued.  Selections as listed and agreed  to on the Sales Order are final. Changes to an order once it has been placed will result in additional charges.  RETURN POLICY:   All sales are final. There will be no refunds, exchanges, or replacements issued.  In the event there is damage  upon receipt customer has 24 hours to send us a written report plus photos to our fax at 931-451-2031.  Warranty period is 12 months from purchase date.

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